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Vitagenne is a company that offers CBD products, and its popularity has been growing these past few years. As a result, there are plenty of people who want to explore the company. Are they reputable? Can I trust them? Or, do they offer good CBD products? In this article, you’ll discover the answers to these questions and more.

Vitagenne – Quick Overview

Vitagenne is a company that has its roots based on empathy. According to the company, they saw the pain that resulted from dealing with health issues, prescription abuse, and stressful lives. As a result, they started a company that offers CBD products that are geared towards helping people “feel well and better.”

Some companies have the tendency to run a sort of an “exclusive” narrative. These companies like to portray that you must join a special club of smoothie-drinking and yoga-going superheroes before you can be officially “in.” As a result, these companies tend to alienate people. This narrative has been avoided by Vitagenne as much as possible.

Vitagenne also has a different approach when it comes to their product line. They focus more on quality rather than quantity. Yes, the company has a limited variety of CBD products, but the products they have are not something you’d want to take lightly.

Vitagenne’s products generally includes:

CBD isolate tinctures

CBD cooling cream

CBD soft gels

CBD pro-sleep capsules

The two products that are very notable from Vitagenne are the CBD soft gels and Pure Sleep Hemp CBD capsules.

The full-spectrum CBD soft gels are really special as it comes with a hefty and potent cannabinoid profile. The results are according to independent laboratories. You can find CBDA, CBC, CBG, CBDV, CBD, and delta-8 THC in their soft gels. Keep in mind that delta-9 THC is the psychoactive version, and one that is restricted.

The Pure Sleep Hemp CBD capsules are really innovative due to the ingredients. Most notably, the presence of piperine.

Piperine is a phytochemical that easily binds to nutrients. The end result is it allows the body to absorb the nutrients easily. Piperine is mostly found in peppers. And, it’s the reason why it’s often recommended to pair turmeric and pepper, so you can easily absorb the nutrients of turmeric.

The Pure Sleep Hemp CBD capsules combine CBD, melatonin, and piperine together to produce a powerful sleep-aid product.

Wrapping It All Up

Vitagenne is a company that offers CBD products, and they have a very inclusive approach to the market. They may offer little variety when it comes to their product line, but the ones they have are high-quality and innovative.