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Lemon law allows buyers to benefit from cover when they purchase cars or vehicles that are faulty. California lemon law allows both new and old car owners to have confidence that they’re able to operate their vehicle without concern over safety, manufacturing, or mechanical problems. Suffering damage to your car can be costly to fix. But with California lemon law protection, you’ll have help with payments. Let’s look at what the lemon law in California is and you can benefit from it.

What is California Lemon Law?

California lemon law involves two different acts. These are the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act and the Tanner Consumer Protect Act. Under both acts, you can expect that if an issue does happen to your vehicle, you’ll have cover for the dealer or manufacturer to come out to you for help, and also have help with the financial cost of fixing the problem.

How Are You Protected With California Lemon Law?

The California lemon law can help those who have bought a car that still holds a warranty. If you think you might be entitled to lemon compensation, it will be best to seek out help from a lemon law attorney and gather together all your documents and papers relating to repairs you’d like to form a case with. Failing that the manufacturer can resolve your vehicle’s issues, you might be entitled to the following:

  • Rebuying the vehicle but without the value of the days you already used it for
  • Replacing your vehicle with a new one
  • The cost required for either rebuying or replacing, or both

When Do You Need California Lemon Law Attorney?

Legal colleagues working with the manufacturers will try their best to keep the costs given for the claim as low as possible. In fact, they might even try to offer you a settlement deal or a repurchase of the vehicle that falls short of what is fair for all the trouble involved with having to get your vehicle fixed. You should definitely reach out to a lemon law attorney if you’ve tried multiple times to get the problem fixed with no success. They’ll be able to handle the matter for you and get the issue dealt with fairly and appropriately.

Your California Lemon Law Attorney

Are you having trouble with your vehicle in California and are seeking assistance from an attorney? Jacob K. Kashani is here to help. As your California lemon law attorney, you’re in great hands for the help you in dealing with your case.